Am writing this on the plane, on the way out to drive the new Audi R8 V10, the one with a Lamborghini Gallardo engine in the back of it and a price tag to match. Or maybe not.

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Leafing through the press pack on the flight I’ve just realized that, despite its seemingly monstrous £99,575 on-road price, the R8 V10 could actually be one of Audi’s most reasonably priced cars.

How so? Because if you look at the amount of standard equipment it boasts over the regular V8 model, they’re almost giving you the extra performance for free.

Add the V10s standard issue magnetic dampers, CD changer, LED lights, metallic paint, B&O sound system, 19in wheels, hill hold, electrically heated front seats and carbon side-blades to the price of a 4.2-litre R8 and you’re looking at well over £11,000 worth of options.

Which effectively means you get two cylinders, 1000cc, 123bhp, 74lb ft and an extra 0.1mpg on the combined cycle for only another eight and a bit grand. Oh yes, plus an exhaust note that will make your heart explode and your neighbours hate you more than ever, and a top speed of 196mph.