Last week I drove a Ferrari worth £3.5m. It looked gorgeous and was brilliant to drive. To cap off an excellent day I flew there in the kite and did a two hour car journey in 40 minutes.

I thought life couldn’t get much better, but it just has. Two hours ago we collected our new Fiat 500 from our local Fiat dealer. This is the first time that I’ve bought a new car (Mrs G actually bought it) and it’s a fantastic experience. Of course we motoring journalists are immensely lucky to drive the world’s greatest cars for free; often for months on end. Editor Hallett has just run a Jaguar XKR for a year and I once had a Lotus Elise for two. But even going to Hethel to collect the Elise that I had specced up myself doesn’t match the feeling of collecting my own motor, bought with a sizeable portion of my hard-earned.

Of course the Fiat is now worth a grand less than it was two and a half hours ago, but so what? The only snag is that I’m going to be more nervous driving it than I was in the Ferrari.