Reading details about the Aston Martin Valkyrie is like reading about an obsessive’s latest project.

Or seeing an artist who just won’t let a piece go without a little extra tweak here, another there.

Aston Martin Valkyrie revealed in near-production form

It is precious little like Aston Martin’s previous hypercar, the Vulcan. Of course, weight saving and aero efficiency and lots of power were important to the Vulcan - it wouldn’t have been great to drive otherwise - but we’re talking about very different approaches.

If anything, the Vulcan looks, feels and drives like an over-pumped GTE Le Mans racer, with added shades of concept car and beautiful finish and theatre. I don’t expect the Valkyrie to feel anything like that. Its mechanical package alone is far more compact, efficient, fast. Its interior will be like nothing those outside LMP racers have experienced. And while the Vulcan is Aston’s ultimate expression of front-engined, rear-driven GT sports car goodness, in which it has unrivalled heritage, the Valkyrie is a step into the new for Aston.

The Vulcan, then, feels like a celebration of everything Aston has stood for in the past century. The Valkyrie feels like the future.