So what is it about the Porsche Cayman GTS that is so completely and utterly compelling? Why is it so different to drive from the already very good Cayman S model on which it's based. And is there anything Porsche can do to better it for the rumoured forthcoming R version of its beloved coupé?

The reason it's so compelling, I think, is because it somehow manages to mix such ultra-sharp reactions – be that to its throttle, steering, brake pedal and even its clutch pedal – with a quite extraordinary level of handling forgiveness.

It stops for, turns into and goes around corners with the precision of a competition car, in other words, yet still it manages to feel friendly and approachable and not in the least bit edgy near the limit. And that's a rare if not unique combination for a car that's built to be driven on the road, in my experience.

And then there's the way its engine sounds and responds above 5500rpm, the way its six-speed manual gearbox enables you to slice so cleanly up and down the ratios, the feel and power of its brakes, the clarity and accuracy of its steering, and the near-perfection of its driving position, especially the weighting and location of its brake and accelerator pedals.