News of TVR’s secret customer briefings carry much more value than simple new car information.

They underscore the robust health of the project, a piece of knowledge that is very welcome. Even among those who will never own a new-generation TVR, there was a feeling or rising excitement when it became known that Les Edgar, John Chasey and up to a dozen well-heeled associates had successfully bid for rights to TVR and its designs.

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First moves by the new management were encouraging, too. In contrast to most who have pretensions to low volume car manufacture, these people clearly had the finance for the job. Engaging Cosworth and Gordon Murray were further king-hits.

But then it all went a bit quiet, and long experience tells us silence can be worrying. Now, however, there’s ample evidence that new TVRs really are coming, probably early in 2019. It’s quite a wait, but at least it’s real.

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