This week, Steve’s been appreciating the Kia EV6, driving a van to Birmingham and back and, perhaps most importantly, washing his cars. But first, he tells us about his experience with a trialling legend…


To Long Compton, a sublime rural location in the northern Cotswolds, for the Jacobean Sporting Trials Festival 2022. The what? It was a gathering of 113 sporting trials cars from four eras (postwar to modern), all tackling courses impassable to the best modern 4x4s. I arrived late but was still able to take a ride with multiple British (aka world) champion Julian Fack. In trials terms, that is like lapping Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton.

Our car was Impunity II, built by Fack more than 40 years ago, before he embarked on a proper production run of even better cars called Facksimiles, still competitive. The traction, torque, agility and responsiveness were breathtaking, as was the baseline prowess of the competitors. If there’s a form of motorsport that better combines total absorption and a tough skill test with simple fun, I’ve no idea what it is.