Right, the Tesla Cybertruck, then. Discuss. It’s quite something, isn’t it? Elon Musk promised his firm would unveil a pick-up like no other - and he was absolutely true to his word.

In almost every aspect, from its out-there styling to the gaudy statistics, the Cybertruck is remarkable. On first impression, it raises the question: has Tesla gone too far this time? Let me quickly add that’s an honest question, and not a leading one.

Tesla’s desire to disrupt the car industry has led to it approaching every aspect of designing, building and selling cars in genuinely different ways – which has been both a strength and weakness. It’s certainly been influential: just look how many car firms have recently unveiled cars with dashboards dominated by a big touchscreen.

The Cybertruck certainly takes that bold approach to a new level. And when trying to enter a sector as large and hugely competitive as the US pick-up market, Tesla’s new truck will genuinely stand out. You definitely aren’t going to mistake it for a Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra.

That’s a smart strategy: Tesla has a proven ability to attract a fiercely loyal following, and to appeal to a different sort of car buyer. And if the Cybertruck can deliver its claimed performance and range, it should be a truly viable option as a truly alternative electric pick-up. Why try to compete with the behemoth that is the F-150?