Our long-awaited Honda NSX drive story— and the conclusions it reaches about the car’'s speed with usability take me back to the late 19’90s, when Autocar ran a 3.2-litre NSX V6 as a long-termer. It was a lovely car finished in a somewhat lurid orange-gold body with a black top, and it was offered to us when the solidly priced NSX was flagging against Porsches and their ilk.

The car was beautifully made, with Honda’'s first aluminium semi-monocoque body and a lot of elegant forged aluminium suspension bits when these were still rather exotic. The high-revving V6 had just been expanded and updated, and the car had one of the finest gearchanges ever seen in the entire 130-year history of the car.

Geneva update: Honda NSX prices set to start for £130,000 in the UK

In fact, the NSX was so enjoyable, so easy to use and so totally excellent (apart from being unbelievably hungry for rear tyres; we found a tame supplier) that it stayed around for years; one of our company’'s grand fromages bought it and made it his daily smoker until the odometer notched 90,000 miles.