What do we want, then, from the McLaren 570S Spider?

We want exactly what we get from the 570S coupé, only with a bit more fresh air. And, one supposes, given the apparent inherent strength in the 570S’s carbonfibre tub, that’s precisely what we’ll get.

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The result would probably be the best drop-top to drive on sale today, then, albeit perhaps not the most intoxicating. McLaren’s engine note, better today than it has ever been, still lacks a certain something compared with some rivals.

The other question for McLaren, too, is what suspension settings do you give it? The same keenness as the 570S’s? Or knock it back a touch so it cruises a bit more like the 570GT, which has a softer set-up and slower steering?

Dream ticket: I’d prefer the softer set-up of the GT, but retain the quicker steering from the S. (And, whisper it, have engine the note from an Audi R8.)