Honest. Unpretentious. Down to earth. Simple. When Dacia executives describe the new-look Duster, the terminology is different to that used by most car firms these days. Which is really quite refreshing.

Let’s face it: you’re probably not overwhelmed by the refreshed Duster design. It looks like… a Dacia Duster. And that's really the point. There’s no attempt to introduce radical new design features. There’s no attempt to move the brand upmarket.

But this is a straightforward, affordable SUV designed to appeal to buyers seeking a straightforward, affordable SUV. Brilliant.

What’s interesting is hearing Groupe Renault execs talk about what Dacia’s success now means to Renault.

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As Groupe Renault design chief Laurens van der Acke said at an event to launch the restyled Dacia Duster: “Dacia helped us to push Renault in a more emotional direction: Renault has become more Latin, more emotional. Renault’s history is a little more humble than where we’ve pushed the brand to now and I’m sure if we didn’t have Dacia, a part of the company would be saying: ‘Captur is great, but we used to have affordable cars, we need that as well.'

“We can do a Dacia Duster and a Renault Captur, a Renault Clio and a Dacia Sandero. We can say we’ll do that for Dacia, and for the sexy cars, we’ll do that for Renault.”

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