If you’ve ever nursed fantasies about owning a Bond car, and in particular the most famous Bond car of them all, then a chance is coming your way.

Better still, it won’t cost you anywhere near the money of a ‘Goldfinger’ DB5, because it’s a one-third scale model. Which means that you might well be able to house it in your living room.

The model is virtually identical to the model DB5 used in 2012’s ‘Skyfall’, which sees the Aston completely shot to bits in a shoot-out which also sees Judi Dench’s ‘M’ leaving the franchise. 

Sensibly choosing not to destroy a genuine Bond DB5, film-makers EON Productions commissioned Propshop to make a highly detailed replica by digitally scanning the real thing, and creating a set of miniature components with a 3D printer.

Apart from wearing the famous BMT 216A registration number, the model also features a bullet-proof screen, retractable machine guns, revolving numberplates and the removable roof panel that provides passage for the unfortunate in the ejector seat.

The interior is highly detailed too, and the roof panel is signed by Sir Ken Adam, the designer of the Aston’s ‘Q Branch’ features.

What you’re buying, if you choose to bid, is a replica of a replica in fact, the Skyfall model having been spectacularly destroyed with machine gun fire outside Skyfall Lodge. But this one has been produced in exactly the same way and looks identical bar the not-entirely-tasteful gold-plating of various chrome features such as its bumpers and wire wheels.

If you’re interested, you’ll find the auction on the Christie’s auction house website. The sale proceeds go to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, with bidding at £42,000 so far.

That’s enough to buy you a used example of a contemporary Aston, admittedly, but you probably won’t be able to park that in front of your sofa or caress its miniature machine guns. You'll also need to move fast, because the auction ends in ten hours time.