Statistically speaking it’s still Michael Schumacher at No.1. But in this instance I’m not greatly interested in statistics. Instead, this is a blind prejudice list, one with which I’m sure many of you will disagree.

But the great thing about lists such as these is that you are welcome to disagree with them – and you are equally welcome to come up with your own personal list and ranking order.

If you reply in sufficient numbers, in fact, we’ll do some deeply clever mathematical type calculations and come up with an Autocar website readers all-time top 10 list.

In producing this list I’ve taken into account not just F1 race results but also qualifying performances and, in one specific case, performance outside of F1 as well.

It’s an entirely subjective list, based merely on my own take on the situation, having been reasonably obsessed by the world of racing for the last three decades.

So here goes…1 Ayrton Senna (above)2 Jim Clark3 Sebastian Vettel4 Juan Manuel Fangio5 Alain Prost6 Michael Schumacher7 Lewis Hamilton8 Fernando Alonso9 Jackie Stewart10 Dave Coyne

Over to you then…