It’s hard not to be anything but deeply impressed whenever you see the 800bhp Ford Fiesta rally car in action.

Its latest run at the X Games 15 event in California has produced some hugely impressive pictures of the car in full flight –literally, in fact – but it has left me craving to see it myself in the metal.

See the full picture gallery of the Ford Fiesta in action at the X Games here

With its entry at the hands of ex-WRC champ Marcus Gronholm at the famous Pikes Peak hillclimb, and then a victory at the celebration of all things American that is the X Games, Ford has pulled off a clever piece of PR in promoting its new Fiesta stateside.

The Subaru Imprezas have dominated the X Games rally competition in its short lifetime so its victory at the hands of former Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack has a whiff of David versus Goliath about it.

While I’m on the point of the X Games, wouldn’t it be fantastic to see something similar over here? The Race of Champions didn’t quite cut it for me as it seemed quite a lot of meaningless races before an exciting finale. Looking at pictures of the X Games rally course, it appears to have a mix of everything; fan-friendly viewing, huge jumps, aesthetic tarmac sections and some big slides on the gravel.

Ford has said its Fiesta rally car will ultimately return to Europe, but sadly I don’t see it having the same kind of glorious life it has had in the US. Due to its immense power, the Fiesta rally car just won’t conform to any rally competition regulations so it seems destined for a life roaring up the Goodwood hillclimb every summer and passenger rides on its sister rally course.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Fiesta, having owned two myself, and I think there’s always something special about a fast Ford. So with no racing Fiesta to be able to get behind, I think it’s about time we saw a current shape ST for the road.

Ford has previously told Autocar that an ST is out of the question until at least 2012, but with things on the up sales wise and brighter times hopefully ahead, maybe now would be a good time to give us Brits a blast in a Fiesta ST on our favourite B roads. And while I’m at it, a Fiesta RS anyone?

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