As Silverstone flexes its muscles over the next ten days in preparation for the British Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso and Ferrari are aiming for a 16th win for the PrancIng Horse since Froilan Gonzalez scored the marque’s first chamionship race victory in the wild and woolly Tipo 375 V12  in the summer of 1951.

Gonzalez also won at Silverstone in 1954, his two wins sandwiching Albert Ascari’s back-to-back victories in the 2-litre 500 at a time when a lack of fully fledged Grand Prix machinery forced the governing body to hold the championship for F2 machinery instead.

The great Juan Manuel Fangio scored his only BGP success in 1956 at the wheel of a tarted up Lancia D50 after Maranello inherited the hardware remaining when his rival car maker went bust.

British Ferrari fans had to wait until 1958 before Peter Collins resumed the team’s winning ways with a dominant victory ahead of his pal Mike Hawthorn. Going into this year’s Silverstone event they are one win ahead of McLaren in the BGP winning stakes.

Ferrari aims to head home after the race with a two win cushion over the top UK team.

McLaren, on the other hand are confident they can blunt Ferrari’s cutting edge and make it 15-all by the time the transporters are on the move again in ten days time.