I'm currently in Woking at the launch of the McLaren's new MP4-24, the striking new car that Lewis Hamilton hopes he will help him retain the world championship.

Not only is it the most low-key F1 launch ever, according to seasoned observers, but the McLaren's engineers reckon the new tech on the car is going to mean that driver skill is going to decide more races.

The new KERS regenerative braking is the first challenge. Braking will charge a battery which can produce 6.7 seconds of electric boost a lap. The driver can decide when and where he wants to unleash the 60kw on tap (about the same grunt as a 1.6-litre hatch).

There's also the front wing, which a driver can make two adjustments per lap to and new slick tyres, which have to be preserved. On top of all that there's a testing ban between races so your man in the seat's post-race feedback is going to be even more crucial.

And it's all been done in name of more overtaking. Has the governing body actually been thinking about spectators for a change? Whatever next.