Didn’t make it to Tokyo this year, but the understated nature of a show that once grabbed the international headlines thanks to the unfettered creativity of its car-makers, got me thinking about a few parallels with the demise of the global importance of the British show.

Like the British Show, I just don’t see how Tokyo can assume the same importance it once had on the global stage, a struggle that the British Show fought and lost a long time ago.

Tokyo motor show report and picture review

The reasons are very different, but the outcome very similar.

The difference is that the Japanese domestic car-makers will always have enough financial clout to pepper Tokyo with a raft of new models and concepts.

This year economic conditions got in the way, together with a gentleman’s agreement not to put on too good show so as to appear insensitive in the face of a tanking domestic economy.

So in future there can be plenty of home market new model launches and wacky concepts from the domestic Big Five.