Perhaps it's because the car industry is awash with brashness (currently led by Jaguar’s 'Better get a pre-nup' campaign with the F-Type, I reckon), but there’s something deeply compelling about Volvo’s modestly rational plans to reinvent itself over the next five years that makes you want it to succeed.

The company has, of course, been through the mill. Steered by Ford, it seemed to forget what made it different. Sold by Ford, it faced an uncertain future as an independent, owned by an ambitious but unknown (here, at least) Chinese firm.

But it has emerged - following some management turmoil, it must be said - on terrific form. Volvo is resolutely confident again, with a dedication to its Swedish roots backed by a very modest swagger that the new XC90 is something a bit special, and that if this car is a king-hit, so should every other new offering based on the same SPA architecture be.