So here we are at the Detroit motor show – it’s cold and the city’s bleak, but if you love cars this is the best place to be right now.

This morning’s all-American trio of major press events started with Ford; the company took over Detroit’s Cobo Arena to launch its new F150 truck, show off some ‘Stangs and – more importantly for us Brits – reveal the four-door Verve (Fiesta) saloon concept.

This glorified press conference felt more like a football match. Ford bussed in ‘a few hundred’ factory workers from Dearborn so, once the world’s motoring press shoved in too, there probably was a crowd big enough to fill most League One footie stadiums.

Boom go the entirely unnecessary pyrotechnics as the new F150 – America’s biggest-selling vehicle – burst onto the stage. Cue wild whooping and applause from everyone on Ford’s payroll. A few local celebrities were wheeled out too, presumably the sort of people the Blue Oval’s marketing men reckon will appeal to the salt-of-the-earth Americans who’ll be buying themselves a new Ford truck. They included a professional bull rider (is that really a profession?), a NASCAR racer from the Craftsmen truck series and, best of all, a monster truck driver with a ridiculous shirt.