No big offs to report so far on Friday morning at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The crowds built early, as usual, and by 8.45am Lord March's haybail-lined driveway was chock-a-block with excited spectators.

And they've certainly been well entertained. The Supercar Run kicked off proceedings, highlights of which were the six-wheeled Covini C6W and the British-made all-electric Lightning GT. Great to see one moving at last.

You don't get to watch hundred-year-old grand prix cars being driven in anger very often, but we have this morning. Fiat's 1911 S74 was an incredible one to see - a car with a 14-litre four-cylinder engine and a cylinder stroke so long that the driver can hardly see over the high-rise bonnet.

Best-to-watch driver plaudits go to Nick Mason, who wrestled determinedly with the wheel of his mid-engined supercharged 1936 Auto Union Type C in massive quarter-turn bites; Kris Meeke, who showed the Group B rally legends a thing or two, managing two donuts and several smokey slides in his Mini Countryman WRC car; and stunt specialist Terry Grant, who's spending the weekend driving up the entire 1.1-mile length of the hillclimb on two wheels in a Nissan Juke.

Let's hope he avoids brushes with disaster like the one he had at Molecomb this morning, when his Nissan nearly ended up shiny-side-down.