Good to see some comradely spirit among the manufacturers in Goodwood's FoS-TECH pavilion of green concept cars.

The keeper and driver of Audi's stylish e-Tron electric supercar, having discovered that his two-pin to three-pin Continental- to-UK adapter had fused, found himself on a mission to find a replacement.

Full report, plus pics, from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010

Without it, the e-Tron, fresh from demonstrations in Brazil, might have run short of juice.

Help was found on the Vauxhall stand where the Ampera, also equipped with a two- pin connector, was quietly replenishing itself.

Once the Ampera was charged, the Vauxhall crew handed the adapter Audi's way, guaranteeing the e-Tron a fully juiced battery for its hillclimb sprints the following day.