Debut is not a verb. I know this but for some inexplicable reason I've just used it as one to describe when the Alfa Romeo 8C concept was released. Funny what a PA system and the presence of an old-school microphone can do to a bloke's usual ability to talk.

Still, other than that my commentary on Saturday's supercar run, alongside brilliant anchor Henry Hope-Frost from Autosport, is going okay. I'd prepared so many notes I couldn't possibly run out of things to say. Besides, the cars come up the hill in such rapid succession compared to the other classes that we don't have time to mention them all, concentrating mostly on what's on the big screens, with passing references to cars going past our box at Molecombe.

It all passes in quite a whizz and it's only when I look back afterwards I realise how many facts I have used. Preparation is everything for a bloke like me who could otherwise get a bit flustered.

In all though I rather enjoyed it. I wonder if they'll have me back next year to have another go. Even if not I'll fondly look back on the time I debuted at ... oh bugger.

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