CarFest or ChrisFest? This event divides opinion quite like no other motor show. In fact, many would argue it isn't a motor show at all but more a celebration of The Great British Bake-off, Radio 2 and the founder himself, Chris Evans. For me, though, and I'm guessing the majority of the thousands of high-spirited people who attended this year, it's a decent day out.

Crucially, CarFest's success stems from the fact that it has a wide target market. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, for instance, is an amazing spectacle, and worth every penny, but you get the sense that it's a car show for car people - no music or Mary Berry here, please. There's no doubt it delivers, but it feels more and more like a commercial exercise for manufacturers as the years roll by. 

The annual Ford Fair is for people who like Fords, the Mighty Dub Fest is for those with a penchant for Volkswagens and Shelsley Walsh is for nutters who enjoy flinging a car uphill at insane speeds. They're all successful in their own right but are attended largely by people who enjoy their particular theme.