I think this is the best Geneva show that I’ve ever been to. So much new metal, a large amount of which is really rather good.

Star of the show? The Ferrari FF for me, and that’s an unusual choice as I usually go for something a bit more proletarian.

The FF looks brilliant in photographs and it’s not a disappointment in the metal. Bit like the BMW ‘breadvan’ M Coupe, which is one of my favourite cars of all time.

The Alfa Romeo 4C looks great, too, if amazingly similar to the Lotus Evora. These exotic concept cars are often held together with gaffer tape and elastic bands so you’re not allowed to crawl around them or slip underneath for a squint at the chassis. I strongly suspect that if I did so I might find some Norfolk-sourced aluminium extrusions. Alfa is quoting a weight of 850kg which is at least 100kg lighter than an Elise.

It’s only halfway through the day and I’ve not visited all the stands yet. I want to see VW’s new Microbus concept and see if it looks better on the stand than it does in photographs. I hope so.

It’s 50 years since the E-Type was launched here and Jaguar has a corker on its stand. When new it cost £2,256 and 15 shillings (that’s 75p to anyone the same age as an Autocar road tester). Now this is an interesting fact: if you adjust the E-Type’s price to 2011 values what do you think it would cost in today’s money?