A year after we first sampled the GT, the neat debut offering from Artega, the firm turned up in Sussex last weekend with a right-hand-drive example ahead of UK sales starting this autumn.

The GT features a 3.6-litre VW engine, a DSG dual-clutch gearbox and packaging so compact that it almost looks as wide as it is long.

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Up Goodwood’s hill the GT feels as lively as you’d expect from a 297bhp car weighing less than 1200kg.

The steering is rapid (pointy, even) but feelsome, and the V6 lump makes a characterful howl through Artega’s own exhaust. The chassis feels finely balanced - although Goodwood’s hill doesn’t offer much in the way of poor-surface tests. I couldn’t get over the quality of the fit and finish, either.

A fully specced GT costs basic Cayman money plus a few grand; the newcomer seems right on track to be a more exclusive alternative to what is arguably Porsche’s best car.

Some first attempt, huh?