The charm of Subaru is its simplicity: all-wheel drive, boxer engines and a sturdy build. 

Subaru has held true to those elements with its Viziv Performance Concept, which previews the future shape of the popular WRX and uses a boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive. What’s not to love?

It’s a formula that does better for the car maker than you might expect. According to Subaru UK figures, it’s the world biggest producer of all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Subaru Viziv Performance concept details next-generation WRX STi

It’s also pretty profitable: in the first three months of this year, its profit margin was 11.6% – better than BMW or Audi

Still, I wonder how much longer Subaru can stick to its traditional guns. With emissions legislation weighing down worldwide, it has no clever new engine technology coming – such as Mazda’s new spark compression ignition engine, for example – to address those issues. 

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It is set to launch an electric vehicle in 2021, which is likely to be an all-wheel-drive crossover in keeping with Subaru’s ethos, and will help quell those concerns. But it’s going to have to start at least electrifying some other models to hit targets.