“Keep your eyes on Mazda," was the sign off from company president and CEO Masamichi Kogai as he stepped off stage to allow the covers to come off the RX-Vision concept car, surely the most eagerly anticipated concept of recent times.

He was somewhat stating the bleeding obvious; how can you keep your eyes off a car so beautiful? In the metal, the RX-Vision is a stunner. Low-slung, with a sleek, slippery body, and a long bonnet, the RX-Vision mixes classic sports car proportions with its lovely current Kodo design language. I thought the new MX-5 looked like a baby Ferrari; this looks like something that could have come from Maranello and all.

But like all great concept cars, the RX-Vision leaves us wanting more. All we know for sure is that rotary will now be returning to Mazda at some point in the future. For all those stunning looks, it’s what’s under the bonnet that we really want to know about.