Subaru is a brand with a seemingly endless amount of goodwill in this country.

You don’t really need me to remind you that the chief reason for that is clearly the exploits of Colin McRae and Richard Burns at the hands of Imprezas in the World Rally Championship two decades ago.

Next-generation Subaru Impreza unveiled

But, early performance editions of the Impreza aside, the road cars have never really broken through into the mainstream. That despite the people who buy them loving the honesty, reliability and capability of the products, the way they get under your skin the more you use them.

Indeed, Subarus have always fared much better in the long-term review pages of titles like Autocar rather than in a shorter period of appraisal, as their likability and usability are much slower burners.

Today in New York, Subaru has revealed the all-new Impreza. Its significance cannot be understated as it’s real hitting of the reset button for the company, bringing with it a whole new look, a new interior with new technology, a new family of boxer engines, and a new modular chassis to underpin them all.