The five-door hatchback is expected to come to the UK, and a 320bhp WRX STI is planned to rival the Ford Focus RS

The next-generation Subaru Impreza has been revealed at the New York motor show.

The new model has been shown in four-door saloon and five-door hatchback variants, but only the hatchback is expected to reach the UK.

The Impreza is underpinned by an all-new structure, called Global Platform, which will be used for all future Subarus, including a new WRX STi, which is tipped to be a four-wheel-drive performance hybrid.

Subaru is also keen to ensure that even standard versions are good to drive; our spy shots have shown the car being benchmarked against the Ford Focus and Mazda 3.

The new Impreza saloon and hatchback will be larger than before, with both wheelbases extended by 25mm over the outgoing model. Overall length is up by 41mm and width by 38mm. Height has been reduced by 10mm for a sportier look and better aerodynamics.

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Subaru Impreza

It may not be an obvious choice for most buyers, but this four-wheel-drive, sub-£20k hatch does have merit

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Subaru has confirmed that the Impreza will use four-cylinder, horizontally opposed engines and all-wheel drive. Exact specifications haven’t yet been revealed, but a new generation of engines with cylinder deactivation technology is expected.

Why Subaru's new wave of products will help reinvent the manufacturer

The Impreza will offer EyeSight collision avoidance technology for the first time and will also be fitted with Subaru’s latest infotainment system, which features voice control and a range of apps that can sync with a mobile phone via Subaru STARLINK.

The Global Platform, which Subaru says “significantly enhances safety, ride comfort and agility”, will suit a range of bodystyles and powertrains, including Subaru’s all-terrain crossover and SUV models.

The anticipated WRX STi model is set to be the most radical yet. The performance version is rumoured to use a 2.0-litre turbo engine on the front axle and an electric motor on the rear. With around 320bhp, it will have the Ford Focus RS firmly in its sights.

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23 March 2016
Nice shape but nearly as many wrinkles as me. Smooth them out and it might look OK...

23 March 2016
No one with any sense of quality would buy this or a Focus RS instead of a Golf R.


23 March 2016
madmac wrote:

No one with any sense of quality would buy this or a Focus RS instead of a Golf R.

Dear Madmac - I will lay odds that this Scuby will still be pounding the streets when your golf has fallen to bits. Your R wont sound as beautifully symphonic as the scoobie. The only area you get a plus is interior design. Subaru have failed consistently to get themselves a serious designer and get the rewards of increased sales. It has always been the the reason I never bought one for personal use (only for rallying and we chuck out all that interior so it doesnt bother me)

what's life without imagination

23 March 2016
That made me chuckle. The Suburu and the Focus will be far better engineered than the Golf. Sure the Golf may have a pleasing interior to the touch but VAG have really slipped with engineering and reliability.

23 March 2016
It doesn't look too bad. Subaru are good at things like safety and reliability so if this drives well it might have a chance. Don't know where Subaru goes from here it it's as lacklustre to drive as their recent products. The hybrid version is essential. Manufacturers not investing in new forms of fuel and autonomous driving will end up like Kodak and Nokia.

23 March 2016
This saloon looks good, but I need the extra practicality of a hatch, so fingers crossed it looks better than recent Subaru hatches as the functional and unpretentious nature of the Impreza combined with the high quality engineering, reliability and good handling that Subaru is known for really appeals.

23 March 2016
That's the only thing that stopped me from buying the last WRX STi. The car drives really well. Powerful and characterful sounding engine. Great chassis. Very good balance of handling and ride. Clutch was light and smooth. The gear change was firm and accurate. But it just looks so....underwhelming. If Subaru wraps those mechanicals in a body like a Mazda 6 then fireworks !!!

23 March 2016
Collective yawn..

23 March 2016
It looks like the one before the one it is supposed to be replacing. Come on Subaru hire a proper designer someone who will actually design a good car and surprise us all.
Don,t go the Porsche route of pretending you have a new car every few years when it is really just a redesign or a revamp. Thats what Porsche have been doing with the 911 for the last century.
The interior do at least is an improvement.
I actually quite liked the last Impreza and it will make a great second hand buy someday but the interior was just not up to the standard of everything else in its class.

24 March 2016
I like Subaru but will they ever get their styling right? Really except for one of the generations of Legacy, and that coupe from the 90s I think. Their styling is always at best bland.



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