Last night I saw Vauxhall's new Viva for the first time, at an event where GM Europe chief Karl-Thomas Neumann also revealed that GM's class-best Onstar connectivity package (7m US and Chinese customers so far; turns your car into a 4G hotspot) would be in many 2016 Vauxhalls from mid-year. It'll be in every new Astra from October.

I reckon Viva may well the most appealing of GM's three-small-car offerings. It looks terrific. The packaging' s usually good for a 3.7m car (reminds you of Hyundai's excellent i10), and because the range is refreshingly uncluttered - two models, SE and SL - pricing all about affordability. Starts at £7995 and ends around £11k when you've fitted every one of a meagre collection of options. And the car's Korean-built, so you can trust the quality. The engine is a 75hp, non-turbo version of GM's sweet and compact 1.0 triple, with five-speed 'box, which I just know is going to be one of those packages you can give full beans, most of the time, and enjoy it because it'll deliver modern economy levels.