Jaguar F-Pace. Sounds different, doesn’t it? A bit challenging, perhaps? New car names generally are (remember that the prototype was dubbed C-X17). But this one should stand the test of time.

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For starters, it explains why so much importance was placed on the launch of the Jaguar F-Type, despite its limited sales volume potential. With every new Jaguar launch, its role in defining the brand gathers momentum: a Jaguar SUV doesn’t seem quite such a challenging concept when it’s so obviously anchored back to a full-bore sports car.

There’s a delicate nod back to the past, too, through Sir William Lyons’ definition of Jaguars delivering “grace, space and pace”. Forward-thinking ambitious car companies need to play heritage with a delicate hand, but there’s no doubting Jaguar’s intentions. No doubting, either, that a focus on pace puts clean air between Jaguar SUVs and all-terrain Land Rovers.

Car names can often be contrived, but there’s no question that the authenticity of this choice already gives it an underlying appeal.

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