I've always been a little sceptical of Infiniti. I remember going to the opening of its first UK dealership in Reading and wondering how they would fare - we all know how hard it is to establish a brand from scratch.

And to be frank, it's not been the smoothest journey. Typically overpriced and not as good as its premium competitors, I'd guess most people I ask (outside the industry) wouldn't have heard of the brand.

But now they have come up with something genuinely innovative - a difficult feat when everyone's racing towards similar technology.

The VC-T variable compression engine, confirmed today to first appear in the upcoming QX50, does just that. Although it's a petrol, it promises diesel fuel economy without comprising performance, so it could well appeal to UK buyers.

That and the fact the QX50 is a good-looking model in a popular segment, rivalling cars such as the Audi Q5, stands it in good stead - if it can compete on price.

Infiniti won't comment on sales forecasts, its boss Roland Krueger told Autocar, but he is happy with its trajectory. Last year, it sold 232,112 units (a number he rolled off his tongue without a second thought). That's a 10th of the two million models Mercedes sold in 2016.

So, finally, I want to give Infiniti a chance. It's refreshing to hear of advanced technology that isn't entirely focused on electrification and autonomy (it's doing those things too), and while its growth has been slow, it's always nice to bet on the hardworking underdog, isn't it?