I've always been a little sceptical of Infiniti. I remember going to the opening of its first UK dealership in Reading and wondering how they would fare - we all know how hard it is to establish a brand from scratch.

And to be frank, it's not been the smoothest journey. Typically overpriced and not as good as its premium competitors, I'd guess most people I ask (outside the industry) wouldn't have heard of the brand.

But now they have come up with something genuinely innovative - a difficult feat when everyone's racing towards similar technology.

The VC-T variable compression engine, confirmed today to first appear in the upcoming QX50, does just that. Although it's a petrol, it promises diesel fuel economy without comprising performance, so it could well appeal to UK buyers.

That and the fact the QX50 is a good-looking model in a popular segment, rivalling cars such as the Audi Q5, stands it in good stead - if it can compete on price.