I tried to look impressed. He was so pleased with it that I wanted it to be good. And it was, in a way: it was stereo only, he said, none of this surround sound nonsense.

There was just a USB input for your own music, because that’s what customers want, he said, and left and right speakers of various sizes in front of you or, in the case of a subwoofer, down near the seat behind you. The sound system of the Bugatti Chiron, he said, was carefully specified, and delicately tuned; a stereo for real audiophiles.

At this stage I should admit that I’m not one. But, coincidentally, just a few days before hearing the Chiron’s stereo I had finally set-up the amplifier and speakers I bought 20 years ago in my front room. (I’ve moved house since, I should add. It’s not that I haven’t used them at all, just not where I currently live.)