Interesting day today. I went to an event that even five years ago would have seemed highly unlikely: the official opening of JLR's new engine plant in Wolverhampton. And the ribbon cutting was carried out by the Queen no less.

Even five years ago, the likes of me were regularly writing stories casting doubt on whether such an investment would ever be made by companies like JLR. 

In fact, if I recall rightly, we were speculating which of the then three manufacturing plants would shut, such was the apparently parlous economic outlook.

So a £500 million investment such as this is massively good news indeed, especially as it will eventually guarantee 1400 jobs in an area that needs them. Thankfully that's also the tone that the likes of the BBC and Fleet Street media have been taking.

The diesel engine that the plant will be producing (the petrol goes on-line in 2016) looks impressive too. Let's hope it feels as world class as the plant in which its produced. We'll find out when we get to sample the new Jaguar XE in a few months.