image2090665994.jpgIt was a national holiday in Madeira for day 2 of the rally so everybody on the island was out watching the rally.What a great idea for Rally GBKris started in sixth position on the road for the first stage and first overall.However, the first stage showed us how special the Madeira stages are and how important experience and past knowledge was.Kris drove a safe stage but struggled to get into a good flow and dropped time in the stage, finishing fifth overall.It was a very on form Basso who set a blistering pace which would see him win 8 stages during the day.The only other drivers able to match Basso were local drivers Magalhaes and Camacho.Kris, however, improved through the day especially on the second runs through the stages.Here the roads are so special and every corner has it own challenge. Also with a non turbo car a slight lift or hesitation on an uphill stretch, wrong gear or apex and you lose a lot of time.As it is or first visit we have no experience to call on and unlike Ypres the corners are so many and difficult to judge.Kris and Paul pushed all day and apart from sliding wide on one stage and damaging a door we had no major incidents.So at the end of day 1 we finished 6th and with one stage win on the second run through SS12.Day 1 result1 Basso 2 Magalhaes +163 Camacho +29.44 Vouilloz +49.75 Rossitti +1m 3.6s6 Meeke +1m 7.7s7 Loix +1m 11.8sDay 3 has 8 stages and with Basso having to change a gearbox last night the rally is still not over.