I trust that you are looking forward to, or enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding?

At Autocar there are some strong republican feelings among the younger members of staff. However, the old guard like myself, Lord Hilton of Holloway, Baron Bremner, Viscount Charles Hallett and Sir Steve Cropley, will be equipped with flasks of hot tea, little flags and tartan rugs on our knees as we watch the proceedings.

There will be horse drawn carriages of course, but also limousines like the Volkswagen Bentley which was attacked by unwashed student mobs last year and presumably has been to the bodyshop since then.

Now wedding cars are interesting. Girls inevitably want something white and comfy and most blokes would prefer it to be red and sporty. Well, as you can see from the picture here, the wedding car for our wedding day was something red, but the handling was dicey and not long after it exploded on the M4 in a pool of transmission fluid.