This weekend I dare you all to go and have a great big adventure down at a nearby Mini showroom to see what they have in store to tempt you. And I’d love to hear how you get on.

A reader has been doing this for several weeks now, and he initially found that local dealers did not offer much in the way of a discount so, in the spirit of Mini adventure, he started to look further afield, paying particular attention to two-year-old cars.

It was a frustrating game for our man, though, as the cars were either very expensive (Cooper D on 57 plate £13,500) or, in his view, had boring colour schemes (not a fan of the all-black interiors, apparently). But his persistence paid off because, wandering fifty miles from home, he found a car poised to be registered as a dealer demo. It was white with black bonnet stripes, an ’08-style chilli pack, lots of extras (cruise control, usb port, bluetooth, headlamp washers, and interior pack with black and white leather).

Since the car was already paid for by the dealer, they offered a discount of £1800 (£1000 off for a half-price chilli pack, courtesy of BMW and the remainder from the dealer), and did the deal for £15,000. The good news is that he’s keeping the car for at least five years, so will get plenty of use out of it.