It was only a mild admonishment, but the start-line marshal on the Goodwood Festival of Speed Supercar run meant business: "No mobile phones".

Sitting snugly in the open cockpit of the new Morgan Plus 8 Speedster with a clear view of blue sky, trees and the hallmark louvred bonnet, I couldn’t resist the obvious last-minute photo opportunity – a quick snap of the famous black-and-white chequered arch that marks the S-T-A-R-T of the 1.2-mile run up Lord March’s front drive.

Snap taken, I stowed my iPhone and Morgan R&D manager Mark Reeves gunned the rumbling V8-powered Plus 8 Speedster off the start line.

Reeves is experienced enough to make this a safe and secure demo run – rather than some hot qualifying lap – so the Plus 8 Speedster rounds the first corner neatly and well in shape, accompanied by a throaty bellowing from the BMW V8, and squirts rapidly up the straight in front of Goodwood House.

Reeves has already exploited the BMW V8’s throaty exhaust and crackling over-run as we make our way from the Supercar Paddock through various holding areas to the start of the run. It must be making a heck of an impression outside the car, because inside it sounds magic.