When you clock its fat, 19-inch slicks on centre-lock race wheels, its 40mm lower ride height and all those new vents cut into familiar surfaces, you know the McLaren 12C GT Sprint is a serious car. Your heart turns over; the road-version is quick, so how quick will this circuit edition be?

The question lingers as you clamber over roll cage tubes and settle in the race bucket seat. The interior is familiar, although there’s a new instrument pack, but the shift paddles and pedals are like old friends.

We’ve got just 1.16 miles of Goodwood hillside to test this car, avoiding haybales, trees and flint walls — but one reassuring thing is that its ESP, minimised for the track, still works. Another sits in the passenger’s seat: Rob Bell, GT3 racer, good bloke and my advisor. “Just drive it, mate,” he says. “It’s an easy car.”