Before letting you into one of its cockpits, the RAF will insist you empty your pockets. The reason being that it’s really rather inconvenient if your Carlsberg keyring falls out and lodges itself in some vital nook or cranny mid barrel roll.

Having launched the Ariel Atom 3.5R from a standing start three or four times in quick succession, I’m not so sure Ariel’s latest marvel shouldn’t come with the same warning.

Certainly at the start line of Goodwood’s famous fishbowl of a hillclimb, a spirited (but not full bore) start results in the instant, unchecked migration of a morning’s worth of pocket bumf.

Not that I noticed for a while; the 3.5R has a way of filtering out the non essentials. To recap, Ariel has countered the current Atom’s lack of grunt (arf) by extracting 350bhp and more than 240lb ft of torque from its supercharged take on Honda’s 2.0-litre VTEC engine.