A few days ago I wrote about the pressures being faced by the automotive industry’s first female boss Mary Barra, who last December was elevated to running GM. Last night, briefly, I got to meet her. This is how it went.

The event was a large dinner held by General Motors for journalists around the world. Barra was scheduled to make a welcome speech, but didn’t. “Is Mary here?” I asked a press attaché, who simply laughed. “You want to Hail Mary? Everyone wants to Hail Mary at the moment. She’ll be here, but she may not make a fuss about it.” 

During Detroit motor show week, wherever Barra has gone, she’s been pursued by pandemonium. Like it or loathe it, she’s big news. One local paper even described her as the star of the motor show in a spot where it was meant to be nominating a car. Which for her, must be both flattering and bloody annoying, because her company’s cars should be the real stars. Yet last night she managed to slip in without any fuss, which I suspect may be her preferred way of doing business.