So the new Peugeot 5008 takes influence from the 505 does it? Well, apart from the fact it has a lot of seats and is a Peugeot you’d be hard pressed to see the similarity.

But that’s perhaps not a bad thing unless you really want a new Peugeot that is as long as a bendy bus and has seating for eight, with the back three moderately more comfortable than if they were sitting on the roof.

However that’s not to put the 505 estate down – it’s legendary, and almost everyone must have been in one at some point. Family friends of ours had a big tribe and needed something large to transport them.

In those days (and I’m not saying when, but the revival of that period has come and gone) there was little choice apart from a Transit van, and the Peugeot was perfect for getting everyone in.

Another experience with a 505 was when I arrived in Egypt from Israel and saw decades old examples lined up along the border, ready to cram as many people in as possible. I dread to think what the record was.

It’s interesting now to look at the 5008, or any people carrier for that matter, and see how things have moved on in terms of packaging and size. There's multiple folding seats, tables, reclining rows, TVs in headrests – and endless choice.