It’s noisy, slow and spine-jarringly hard-riding. It’s got a turning circle as big as a dustin lorry’s. The steering’s so heavy that you almost can’t move it when the car’s stationary. Rear visibility is worse than in an old-school Lamborghini, the seat belts don’t do up; the doors won’t even stay closed once you’re moving.

And yet you just can’t help looking at the spectacular Renault DeZir concept and wishing you could own one. That’s how appealing this electric two-seater concept car is in the metal (well, Kevlar and lightweight steel tubing, if we’re being strictly accurate).

I’ve already written one blog in praise of the DeZir’s curves, but see them out in the real world, rather than in pictures or on a motor show stand, and I’d challenge anyone not to fall in love with this car. Watching our video might even be enough, if it wasn’t for the fat bloke who keeps nattering on throughout.