Just had a fascinating chat with Gordon Murray about his latest creation, the Teewave AR.1.

It’s certainly an impressive creation; an 850kg kerb weight is very credible for a car lumbered with 240kg of batteries and the combination of double wishbone suspension at each corner and a carbonfibre monocoque chassis should make for spirited handling, even if the iMiEV’s powertrain doesn’t appear to offer much grunt.

While the Teewave AR.1 won’t be built, I couldn’t resist the chance to ask Murray if a new supercar would one day be coming out of GMD headquarters in Surrey.

Rather than declaring his supercar days were behind him, Murray reckons he has "one more supercar left in me".

So, what would a modern-day Gordon Murray supercar be like? "It certainly won’t be like any of the stuff out there," he said. "In fact, it would be diametrically opposite."

My tip: sub-1000kg, range-extender powertrain, lashings of carbonfibre, performance to humble an Aventador and a price tag that’s more Focus RS than Audi R8.

Over to you...