A sports car made of fabric. Yes I was laughing too. Right up until I went to see BMW’s amazing GINA Visionary Light Model concept in Munich at the end of last week.

You see after sitting in it, touching it and seeing the thing it all starts to make sense. Especially when BMW’s evangelical design boss, Chris Bangle, is giving you the guided tour.

Bangle’s view is why not? With modern construction the outer panels are not integral to a car’s safety. And the production and design methods needed to style and press steel or aluminium all add to inflexibility and cost. And why not let us have more of a say in how car’s look, or what colour they are? Or change it as often as we like?

Then there’s also the not inconsiderable bonus of added sustainability: fabric is about 20 per cent the weight of steel and making it creates a lot less CO2 as well.