Nissan’s previous product boss, Andy Palmer, became well known for innovation and letting designers run wild with concepts that would make production relatively unchanged.

Indeed, it’s that innovation – with the likes of the Qashqai and Juke, as well as with electric vehicles – with which Nissan has become synonymous in recent years.

Since Palmer’s departure, though, it has gone a bit quiet on the innovation front, on the surface at least. Two of Palmer’s last projects, the BladeGlider and the IDx sports car, a kind of BMW M2-lite, had slipped off the radar as the company switched its focus to more bread and butter stuff.

However, Nissan’s creative spark made a welcome return last autumn with the Gripz concept, a preview of a future Juke-sized Z crossover, and now the BladeGlider is unexpectedly back, too. This is a good thing.