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Nissan unveils two retro-looking rear-drive coupés that could rival Toyota's GT86
Nic Cackett
2 mins read
20 November 2013

Nissan has revealed a pair of concepts at Tokyo which hint at a possible future compact rear-drive coupe.

Designed mainly at the manufacturer’s studio in Paddington, the dual concepts - the IDx Freeflow and the IDx NISMO - are intended to highlight the potential for personalisation as Nissan strives to engage with a younger buyer.

Despite the obvious (and acknowledged) nods to the stocky Datsun 510, both cars are said to have been styled with the direct input of so-called ‘digital natives’, specifically a generation of customers born after 1990.

Nissan claims this style of engagement with future consumers is now a prerequisite for market success, and is the reason why the brand has sought to distance the concepts as its answer to the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 - cars it describes as ‘mid life crisis’ models.

The Freeflow in particular is a step in a different direction; it's intended more as a lifestyle companion rather than a hard-charging coupe. Nissan envisages it being powered by its 1.2 and 1.5-litre engines that transmit power through a CVT.

Inside, you'll find dramatic highlights and trim that Nissan says is influenced by the pairing of a white T-shirt and khaki chinos.

Inevitably, the Nismo is cut from a different cloth. Half a meter wider than the Freeflow, it features carbon panels and sports a side exhaust, as well as 19-inch wheels. Underneath, the brand proposes its familiar DIG-T turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine (again mated to a CVT) as the likely powerplant.

Officially, both IDx machines are show cars in the truest sense, but Nissan insiders suggest that the company is serious about the idea of a compact coupe, and will be closely gauging the public’s reaction.

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20 November 2013
..for years. I really like these, un ashamdely retro, throw back to Datsun of early 80's ... think the Nismo concept is better resolved. If they can make this as it is into production reality, along with being light weight nimble chassis and a lighweight enigine with low down grunt.. Also if they could make it easily customisable, so the customer can really make it in to his own interprataion, perfomance parts and some cosmetic.. then Nissan really could have a winner on its hands, oh and a manual 6 speed gearbox please not a CVT. Pus under 18-20K price point max.

20 November 2013
Fiat Mirafiori Sport makes a comeback YEAHHHH

20 November 2013
However the FreeFlow and Nismo appear to be different versions of the same car. But that fits with the way these old Datsuns/Nissans were sold. Most had small capacity engines of little power. But there was at least sometimes a sporting model at the top.

20 November 2013
Bring back the Datsun Bluebird.

20 November 2013
These are something fresh - Build them now!

20 November 2013
I REALLY like these. Obvious overtones of the cars from my youth, bring back the shark-nose!!

20 November 2013
Hopefully any production version wouldn't be toned down too much. If it was definately rear wheel drive and started from about £16,000 it would be fantastic and definitely get me out of my MX5.

20 November 2013
Best looking cars in years,

20 November 2013
...we all know it will never see the inside of a showroom.

28 November 2013
I agree with them when they say the GT86 and BRZ are midlife crisis cars. I've seen a few of them in person and they really do scream midlife crisis to me (24 year old, FYI). I certainly don't want one after seeing how boring they are in person. These two IDX concepts, though, Nissan, build them NOW and I will not hesitate to throw my money at you! Out of a cannon if necessary!!!

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