Are classic cars more beautiful than modern cars, or is it nostalgia that makes it seem that way?

Perhaps I should clarify myself at this point; I think there are plenty of cars being produced today that are great to look at. I would happily sit and stare at an Alfa Romeo 8C all day long whilst writing romantic poetry about lonely clouds and semi-monocoque chassis'. Or whenever I get to take our Audi A5 long-termer home I spend most of the evening walking past a front window so I can look at it. Yes, this means I should get out more, but that's a whole other blog.

We will soon be hosting 'Autocar's most beautiful car' survey online, which includes cars from all eras and which has me completely flummoxed because every car I want to win was built before I was born.

The Lamborghini Miura is just as much art as Michealangelo's David, and anyone who says otherwise has no soul. The E-Type is still influencing design today, as is the AC Cobra, and if the Merc 300SL Gullwing isn't then it should be.