What is it with the naming of British sports cars nowadays? When did the idea of MP4-12C or C-X16 ‘concept’ – or Evora, come to think of an especially weedy example – ever sound anything other than complicated and/or a touch beige compared with their Latin equivalents?

I mean think about it. What sounds better to you; Ferrari 458 Italia or Jaguar C-X16 ‘concept’?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely glad that Jaguar didn’t go the retro route and burden the C-X16 with the inimitable and never-to-be-repeated E-Type moniker. But surely they – either the designers themselves or Ratan Tata, or Adrian Hallmark, or even the flipping tea lady at JLR’s Gaydon HQ – could have come up with something a teensy bit more alluring than C-X16 ‘concept’?

Or maybe not. Maybe it’s me who’s out of kilter. Maybe names like Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari Daytona and Maserati Bora  are simply too old school to be considered cool nowadays. And maybe real names aren’t what’s needed or even desired any longer as a result.

You tell me; which car would you prefer to tell your friends that you’ve just rolled up in, and which is sitting outside with its exhaust still ticking as it cools; a Jaguar K14-X22 Y4 – or a De Tomaso Pant-Tearer GTS?