How much is a car worth? I don't mean residual value, or any of that stuff, I mean at what price do you stop and think 'Hang on, even if it does have over 1000bhp, it's still just a car.'

Could you justify £839,000 for a Veyron?

Of course, this is all relative. You'd think that Bill Gates wouldn't even bother asking for a receipt if he bought a Veyron, whereas to you and I, £800k might as well be £8m.

For me, it's all about the car in question.

I would buy a Veyron without hesitation if I had the spare wonga, because I believe it's a milestone in the history of motoring, and such an aspiration for me that it's a bargain at any price.

Yet I know people, enthusiasts included, who think it's unnecessary to spend over £50k on a car no matter how good it is. When you think you can get a used Ferrari F355 for that, and still have enough change for your everyday Ford Focus, I'm sometimes inclined to agree. Until I take a long hard look at a Veyron, or even a Lamborghini Gallardo, and the theory is blown out of the water.

In contrast, I wouldn't buy a £345,687 Maybach 62 even if I'd just won the lottery, because it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of when you can get a Mercedes S-Class for a fraction of the price. Or a Lexus LS, if you must be chauffeured.

Perhaps what says most about my approach to cars is that I will almost certainly buy an Ariel Atom decades before I pay off my substantial student loan. Yet an Atom doesn't even carry out the basic functions most people want from a vehicle.

Which I suppose means I value cars above a bank balance that's in credit, and that I don't ever get to a point where a car costs too much. Not yet, anyway.

How about you?