It’s been another hugely baffling week for car lovers. Firstly, probably the least surprising story, we found out MG TFs are not going to be built for a while because no-one’s buying them anymore when the nights draw in.

Unless its Chinese owners adjusted the price down to ten year old used MX5 levels.

Then there is the DeLorean Motor Company (the company that has a tragic past), which fancies its chances of making proper cars again. Well, obsolete Pontiacs anyway.

Yes its all about brands this week, not least because I’ve been driving an all-new brand (to the UK, anyway) that will be all over my column in a few weeks time.

Brands are interesting, because I’ve been driving a model from a discontinued one. Brands either cause derision or can raise a smile.

I would like to think that the majority of last Wednesday that I spent in an M25 jam included rather a lot of supportive thumbs up gestures for what I was driving, despite what a few van drivers actually indicated.

So the question is do you unquestioningly buy or avoid a particular badge? Surely everyone would buy anything Mercedes made before 1995, but pick and choose carefully after that date.